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Our Services

Here you will find information about the service we provide to our principals.

Crew Management

In addition to manning ships, our company undertakes total crew management to include training and continuous upgrading of skills and knowledge, wage and salary administration, allotment servicing, performance monitoring and evaluation, crew insurance, travel arrangements, etc. Packagings of options are subject to negotiations. Our Crew Management package may include services such as: - Initial interview, vetting and selection of crew - Flag License Application - Medical examination fitness certificates & appraisal reports - Implementation and follow up of drug and alcohol policies - Proper qualification and certification of crew - Issuance of working gear - Payment of crew allotments & salaries - Joining and repatriation - Visa applications - Crew training - Crew welfare - VictuallingManagement Crew travel and repatriation can represent a major expense if not carefully controlled. Elburg, in order to move our crewmembers at the right time, to the right place at the minimum cost, developed a strong relationship with major travel agents, therefore we are able to secure substantial discounts thus cost savings for Principal.


Ship Management

Ship management may include technical aspects of ship operations, ship inspections, overseeing maintenance and repairs, assistance during class and flag surveys and ISPS related verifications, victuals management, dry docking and renovations overseeing, compliance to flag and port state requirements, etc. Shipping agency and husbanding of ships at local ports consisting of facilitation of entry and clearance in ports, representations with port authorities, supplying parts, provisions, bonded stores and other supplies; and many other services related to ship business in ports. Ship brokering, chartering agents and owners' protective agents. Local representations for shipping-related foreign domiciled concerns, classification societies and other concerns. If clients so require, we are able to deal / follow up with P & I crew related cases throughout our skilled and experienced office staff. The company can also provide the following if requested: - Flying / riding team squads - Naval Architects - Technical Superintedents We offer a wide array of services for shipping industry including follow up of shipyard repairs, vessel inspections for pre-purchasing, inspection and assistance in case of technical needs, flying repair squad, vessel agent for Manila and other ports in the Philippines with permission from the owner. Cost effective accounting throughout well prepared shore people is not only for crewing matters. Clients through Elburg can outsource some of the accounting procedures thus saving on costs.


Career Development Plan

Our Career Development Plan was developed especially for the Cadets that are starting point of their career at the sea and also for officers holding higher license and has accumulated sea service in line with the company requirement and ship owners. Objectives 1. To assess, train and evaluate the candidate for the ship's position and to promote to the next higher rank. 2. To enhance and improve the level of competency and skill of seafarers in order to attain the standard of performance set by the customers


Cadetship Program

Cadetship Program was developed to enhance and improve the level of competency and skill of cadets in order to attain the standard of performance set by I.M.A. Assessment and training center Mission To develop young and qualified Filipino seafarers by providing them the best maritime education and training platform to prepare them to become ship's officer proficient to operate and manage different type of vessels engaged in world wide trade.


Roster Program

To provide due consideration to the seafarers who have shown loyalty of service within the fleet with a good level of competency and professionalism. Benefits A. Health Insurance B. Domestic Ticket(For roster senior officers) C. Hotel Accommodation (For roster senior officers) D. Sponsorship of training(For all crew in the roster) E. Promotion (for crew with higher license provided that they meet the standard matrix of the company) F. Priority for vessel assignment (for all crew in the roster) G. Payment of ticket for joining wife of the crew(for roster senior officers) H. Recreational Facilities

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